Job Descripiton - Jr. Associate II Media Planning


Job Title : Jr. Associate II

Department : Planning

Location: Karachi/ Lahore/Islamabad

Grade : Grade 12

Reports to : Associate

No of direct reports : Management Trainees


To support the planning team in identifying the best media mix to deliver an advertising message to a client’s target audience. Will use research and data to determine what is going to be most effective within the budget allocated to give the client's product or service maximum exposure.
Main responsibilities will include creating reports and analyses of competitive brands communication strategies and monitoring client plans. Supervised communication with clients to fulfill their requests and document all correspondence.
Additional responsibilities include managing subordinates (MTs) with planning strategies. Delivering on client’s requests and building and maintaining a strong relationship especially during non-active periods of advertising.


Audience Analysis:
  • Use proprietary and industry tools to analyze and research the target audience's psychographics, purchasing and media habits and generate insights.
  • Use Brand specific research to understand audience’s consumption of brand/category/media to generate insights.
  • Conducting media environment review in terms of specific content/media vehicles using meter/diary data to understand audience behavior.
  • Oversight onto MT and JA 1 work on the above tasks as required.
  • Convert relevant insights into recommendations.
Competitive industry review
  • Develop and maintain relationship with media owners, ensuring statistics, circulation and viewing figures are up to date.
  • Compile, analyze and report on competitive media activity and performance at the required client cadence (weekly, monthly, and/or annual), broken out into the format approved.
  • Connect competitive activity to implications for own client to make rationalized recommendations.
Initiative/Monthly Planning:
  • Take ownership of developing plans/strategies as allocated by supervisor. Assess category, consumer and brand and arrive at optimal recommendation in presentation format.
  • Responsible for coordinating with Associate and Media buyer for costing and budgeting of cliental service packages and general activity.
  • Responsible for coordinating with Associate and Media buyer to get knowledge on available sponsorship packages.
  • Responsible for developing POV’s with Associate on any brand media opportunities that come up and recommend to planning team and client accordingly.
  • Responsible for overseeing JA1 work on buying brief with the Buyer (including target audience/copy details/proposed channels/key sponsors/media delivery/ budgets/strategy).
  • Responsible for ensuring teams both external and internal are aware of deadlines and having a bigger picture understanding of upcoming deadlines and workload to guide subordinates accordingly.
  • Responsible for coordinating and overseeing associate work with media buyers at aligned upon cadence for client to evaluate planned vs. achieved media delivery.
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining up-to-date Brand calendars with Associate on actual media delivery numbers (rating/reach/Impressions/clicks/views/conversions/SOS/SOV/Budgets/Savings).
  • Responsible for delivery of digital plans and delivery numbers (Reach/Impressions/Conversions/CPM/CPC/CPA).
Client servicing:
  • Advise the creative team and clients on the most effective media combination based on insights generated.
  • Responsible for ensuring on time delivery of all deliverables (for the pieces that you own and the ones you delegate to your subordinates).
  • Responsible for ensuring accurate sharing of information with clients (for the pieces that you own and the ones you delegate to your subordinates).
  • Should be able to present media proposals, including timings and cost breakdowns, helping clients to reach a final decision about their future advertising strategy with approval from supervisor.
  • Ensuring documentation of all communication in the form of emails and contact reports.
  • Maintaining and updating status report which would include upcoming deliverables and items that need resolution and/or follow up.
  • Attend client briefings and maintain consistent contact with Assistant brand managers with occasional contact with Brand Managers.
  • Should be able to execute digital campaigns on Google/Facebook and DV360.
  • Ensure all campaigns are executed as per plan and delivery is optimized for best results.
  • Basic understanding of performance marketing executions.
  • Coordination with buying team to ensure timely placements of advertisements.
  • Coordinate with creative agency to ensure delivery of material in a timely fashion.
  • Coordinate with clients to keep them on track for their deliveries – briefs, answers to questions…etc.
Negotiations/Value Additions:
  • Moderate level understanding of buying documents
Buying Strategy Review:
  • Work closely with buying team and supervisor to Monitor current buying strategy and suggest amendments if any required according to market fluctuations


  • Minimum 4-year bachelor degree
  • 3-4 Year experience outside the organization in Media Agency.
Job Specific Skills:
  • Aware of media trends and have a flair for business and commerce.
  • Resourceful and creative.
  • Logical thinkers.
  • Good negotiators with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work alongside a range of people and as part of a team.
  • Exhibits patience and aptitude for training juniors.
  • Analytical and fully proficient in interpreting data into meaningful insights.
  • Experienced presenters with excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Persuasive and diplomatic – have the ability to explain complex concepts in an easily understandable manner – understand how to ‘sell’ an idea.
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Should have an EXCELLENT grasp of media fundamentals from both a planning and buying perspective (inclusive of terms, formulas, processes).
  • Operational level understanding of IMC (terminology and process).
  • Excellent Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint skills.
  • Proficient ability in Scheduling & Optimization.
  • Has High-level Digital Certifications.
  • Advanced understanding of Digital and Analytics and Measurement.
  • Understands the Planning to execution (from brief to trafficking and airing) process to be able to explain it to others if needed.
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