Brainchild Communications Pakistan has become the first media buying agency in Pakistan to have a data-driven programmatic buying solution for its clients. This is a result of a strategic alignment with Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform (DMP) and Google DoubleClick Bid Manager.

This first of its kind partnership with BlueKai will enable brands to reach a more targeted and personalized audience. Furthermore, with actionable data from BlueKai and optimized media planning and buying via Google DoubleClick Bid Manager, brands will now be able to achieve higher marketing ROIs.
BlueKai is the industry's leading cloud-based big data platform. It enables companies to personalize online, offline and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. BlueKai also runs the world's largest 3rd party data marketplace to augment a customer's proprietary data with actionable information on more than 700 million profiles.

DoubleClick Bid Manager helps marketers, publishers, ad networks and agencies manage all aspects of their digital marketing including ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video and mobile. DoubleClick platforms help customers execute their digital media strategy more effectively. DoubleClick Bid Manager is Google's Demand Side Platform.

Brainchild Communications Pakistan is a full-service agency operating in the space of communication & media since 1997, and has a presence in 5 countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE & Myanmar.