Job Descripiton - Assistant Manager Planning


Job Title : Assistant Manager Planning

Department : planning

Reports to : Manager Planning

Positions : 1

Location: Karachi


Responsible for Strategy development with assistance from Media Planners and MT’s. Oversight onto committed regular deliverables (reports, analysis…etc.). Similar tasks to a Senior Media Planner, but faster due to proficiency so that additional responsibilities can be picked up.


Audience Analysis:
  • Lead junior team members in developing the necessary audience analyses through the use of proprietary,industry and brand tools and research documents to identify psychographics, purchasing and media habits.
  • Develop and mentor junior members in developing relevant insights which lead to recommendations.
  • Review and revise the work that goes out from Junior members and escalate to supervisor as aligned to ensure quality output.
Competitive industry review:
  • Compile, analyze and report on competitive media activity and performance at the required client cadence (weekly, monthly, and/or annual), broken out into the format approved.
  • Connect competitive activity to implications for own client to make rationalized recommendations.
  • Mentor junior members in the above and quality check output and escalate to supervisor as aligned.
  • Stay up to date on industry developments and advise client and internal teams with development and implications for brand/account.
Annual Communication Reviews and Strategy:
  • Responsible for compiling Annual performance data on client and competitive as basis for Annual Strategies and plans and buys.
  • Responsible for the creation of the Annual Strategy document co-jointly with Supervisor with the assistance of junior members.
  • Responsible for developing a Work Back Schedule for Annual planning and setting up and coordinating inter-agency meetings on accounts that do IMC. Essentially you are the go to person that will be getting things done for Annual Plans.
Initiative/Monthly Planning:
  • Assist junior members on translation of Annual Strategy to Tactical plans – roll out responsibilities, deadlines, tasks and actively assist, provide feedback and revise as needed.
  • Managing costing of ideas with buyers.
  • Oversight into all Media Planner tasks in this section.
  • Responsible for coordinating and overseeing associate work with media buyers at aligned upon cadence for client to evaluate planned vs. achieved media delivery.
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining up-to-date Brand calendars with Associate on actual media delivery numbers (rating/reach/SOS/SOV/Budgets/Savings).
  • Responsible for delivery of digital plans and delivery numbers (Reach/Impressions/Conversions/CPM/CPC/CPA).
Client Servicing:
  • Coordinating media briefings with clients and ensuring relevant team members are present.
  • Guaranteeing on time delivery of cliental services.
  • Ensuring regular contact with brand teams in person to maintain relationship and stay up to date on upcoming initiatives.
  • Maintaining and updating a client status report which would include upcoming deliverables and items that need resolution and/or follow up.
  • Ensuring documentation of all correspondence in the form of emails and contact reports.
  • Ensuring accurate sharing of information with clients.
  • Should be able to develop and present Media strategy, and plans helping clients make informed decisions.
  • Further strengthen the agency relationship and trust in competency and services.


  • Minimum 4-year graduate program.
  • 4-5 Years of Experience in the Media Agency.
Job Specific Skills:
  • All of the skills of previous roles + the below:
  • Team/Personnel Management
  • Leadership.
  • Initiative & Innovation.
  • Relationship Building.
  • Ability to connect two seemingly unrelated facts to generate powerful insights.
  • Storytelling.
  • Inter-Agency Collaboration.
  • Attention to detail as will be checking lots of work.
  • Multitasker.
  • Has an excellent grasp of media fundamentals.
  • Has an excellent understanding of the IMC process and can work within it.
  • Has excellent understanding of digital to be able to develop media neutral plans if needed.
  • Has High-level Digital Certifications.
  • Advanced understanding of Digital and Analytics and Measurement.
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