Job Descripiton - Assistant Manager Buying


Job Title : Assistant Manager Buying

Department : Media Buying

Reports to : Manager Buying

Positions : 1

Location: Karachi


To supervise subordinate’s responsibilities, channelize budgets based on annual deals and generate ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of schedules. Monitoring and analyzing current year buying strategy in order to suggest improvements where applicable and create the following years buying strategy. Maintaining relationships with vendors and clients through regular communication and documenting the correspondence including task lists and upcoming deliverables.


  • Channelization of annual budgets based on deals for clients.
  • Evaluation schedules for reach, ratings and CPRP delivery.
  • Identification of channel mix based on audience analysis and ratings.
  • Creation of schedules based on media brief.
Post buy analysis:
  • Maintaining a report of actual, vs. planned in terms of spend, reach, CPRP, GRP's & frequency.
  • Coordinating with vendors to ensure on time delivery of cliental services.
  • Coordination with channels to ensure placements, and reduce droppages.
  • Creating weekly droppings report to deal with regular issues with the channel.
  • Maintaining a report for channels performance on monthly basis.
Negotiation/ Value Additions:
  • Negotiation of campaign/ brand deals on an ongoing basis.
  • Negotiating with media for buying rates.
  • Maintenance of V/A sheet.
  • Deal with buying documents.
Buying Strategy Review:
  • Creation of buying strategy for next year.
  • Analysis of current year buying strategy.
  • Monitoring current buying strategy and make amendments if any required according to market fluctuations.
Value Creation:
  • Generate ideas to improve effectiveness and efficiency of schedules.
Relationship/Vendor Management:
  • Talking to sales head on a fortnightly basis.
  • Be in contact with Sales Executive and Sales Manager on daily and weekly basis.
  • Ensuring smooth execution of schedules.
Client Servicing:
  • Ensuring documentation of all correspondence in the form of emails and contact reports.
  • Maintaining and updating status report which would include upcoming deliverables and items that need resolution and/or follow up.
  • Making sure cliental services are done timely.
  • Talking to ABMs and below on a daily basis.
  • Talking to BMs on a weekly basis.
  • Coordinating on media briefs with clients.
  • Regularly (at least on a monthly basis) presenting key analysis to the brand team.
  • Conveying accurate information to clients.
  • Maintaining good relationships with media sales staff.


  • Minimum 4-year graduate program.
  • 4-5 Years of Experience in the Media Agency.
Job Specific Skills:
  • All of the skills of previous roles + the below:
  • Team/Personnel Management
  • Leadership.
  • Initiative & Innovation.
  • Relationship Building.
  • Insights.
  • Storytelling.
  • Inter-Agency Collaboration.
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