Digital Buying Excellence


Olper’s identified cricket as a passion point for its TG during the PSL season and wanted to be present on the event, during its campaign launch.


Presence on PSL meant high investments, at the cost of cutting annual WOA presence on TV which would ultimately drive TOM for the brand.


Youtube is the second biggest platform after TV and we leveraged the opportunity in the Youtube PSL live stream to have Olper’s on-air during the key event, catch relevant eyeballs from PSL on Youtube with 5” bumpers to maximize frequency and have presence around the event. To ensure maximum buying advantage, we clubbed budgets from three brands.

Meanwhile on TV, all sports segments on News and Ent channels were booked to be present around the event without compromising on brand WOA.

250% Extra Mileage across touchpoints

5 Million PKR Saved

Delivered great value of money through extra mileage with spending 90% less money than PSL on TV