Exploring the impact on ad recall by using multiple video ad formats


Measure impact of adding vertical video assets to ad campaigns on ad recall.


Can adding vertical video assets drive higher ad recall, especially with increased mobile viewers?


Controlled audience split for A/B testing by using Video Experiments:
  • Control group: Trueview Instream (horizontal video asset only)
  • Test group: Trueview Instream Ad (horizontal + vertical video assets; vertical dimensions 2:3, 1:1)
The experiment ran in Pakistan for 11 days during Q3 2019. Same audiences, bidding strategy and equal budgets were used across control & test groups.

63% higher uplift in Ad recall*

14.9% uplift on Male

Leveraging both horizontal & vertical ads unlocks higher ad recall; allowing campaign to show the most optimal ad based on the user’s device & viewing environment