Multi-media LAUNCH driving business results


Launch KIA with their Sportage variant and aim to establish itself as key player in the automotive industry and gain market share from competition.


To break the oligopoly of three established players (Toyota, Honda and Suzuki) in the market while at the same time create new segment of a Mini SUV to upgrade hi-end sedan consumers of Civic & Corolla.


To create differentiation and disruption, we used a 360 media approach to capture audience using various targeting combinations in conjunction with customized creatives to drive the idea of ‘Being Different’ which lead to the acceptability of the new segment offering.

254M+ Impressions on Google Display and 23% VTR on YouTube against 15% industry benchmark

2974 FOC spots aired on TV and Value addition worth PKR.13.25M

537 Outdoor Sites and 1561 Spots aired on Radio

3000 leads generated and test drives booked within 2 weeks

Became the Market leader in LOCAL SUV CATEGORY by capturing 76% of market share within first year of brand Launch

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