Driving performance


To come up with a creative concept that resonates with the millennials and position insurance as a smart choice for young individuals who are planning their future.


In a country like Pakistan, insurance falls under such a conversation that many people tend to avoid; an intangible product that only gets attention when an unforeseen incident occurs. Despite the challenges and negative stigmas around the insurance industry, from it being costly, complicated to insurance agent not being professional enough.


Humanized the brand. The concept was showcased in a four-part webisode ‘Humrahi’ of two characters Ahad and Maha, who are shown as a young couple navigating through different stages of their life. The webisode challenged archetypal gender roles and rather than using a hard-sell approach to sell an insurance policy, the brand opted to establish the need of financial planning at different stages of life.

Over 500% of
planned leads

8.4M+ video views

411K website sessions

Delivered the best value for money to date for all financial sector brands which were benchmarked.